Wednesday, July 31, 2019

New bridge connects a growing community

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Bridging the northern trunk line.

In 2017, works began to connect the Helenslee and Hitchen blocks, between the northern and southern ends of Pokeno Village. Always an essential piece of infrastructure in the original master plan for the development, the bridge crosses the northern railway trunk line, connecting Hitchen Road with Pokeno Road, greatly improving access between the village, state highways and the employment zone, Gateway Business Park.

As part of the ongoing expansion of infrastructure planned throughout Pokeno, the new bridge was completed in early 2019, opening as new stages came to market within the Hitchen Block.

The development has steadily grown from humble beginnings in 2012, to the completion of the Helenslee Block to the north in 2018, and on to the Hitchen, Bartell and Graham Blocks to the south.

As well as the development of Gateway Business Park, Pokeno's employment zone that provides local jobs like the 200+ employed at the Yashili Dairy Plant, there are a number of vital areas of growth planned for this thriving village. The primary school is set to expand and will benefit from new sports grounds next door. Add a newly consented Countdown supermarket and this once forgotten town is fast becoming one of Auckland's most talked about secrets.