Thursday, October 02, 2014

Universal offers KiwiKids scholarhips

5 Universal Kiwikids Scholarships can be WON, worth $1500 each!

Just answer the Question: “Why I like living in my community”
Kiwikids Scholarships Applications can be obtained by visiting WWW.UNIVERSAL.CO.NZ

Kiwikids Scholarship Applicants must between the ages of 8-18 years old (as at 30 November 2014)
Applicants must have the permission of their parent or guardian to enter.
Applicants must live in and write about their community in 100 words or more.
The Kiwikids Scholarships are part of Universal Homes’ celebration of 55 years of creating the living difference for generations of Kiwi home owners.
Five Kiwikids Scholarships of $1500 each are being offered by Universal Homes to any New Zealand student aged between 8-18 years to help them pursue their educational goals in relation to the school they are currently attending.
Winning entries will be judged on applicants’ answers to the question “Why I like living in my community”
Essays should be between 100 and 500 words depending upon the age of the applicant.
Applicants should indicate their educational goals and what the scholarship prize money will be used for in furthering that goal. Educational goals can be in the areas of academics, sport, music, culture, language or educational study trips.

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