Now purchasing land and affording your dream home is also within easy reach. Thanks to its location and modern and more efficient methods of property development, Pokeno Village Estate offers some of the best value land available in the country.

Released in stages over the next 20 years, many section sizes are bigger and are selling for less than prices we’ve learnt to accept elsewhere. However affordability has not been achieved at the expense of quality. Rather, working with the natural contours of the valley and aligning roads and sections around existing stands of native trees and waterways, Pokeno Village Estate works in harmony with its environment.

You can rest assured that your investment is safe, protected not only by the surrounding terrain but quality infrastructure that is future proof for generations to cherish.

Another way to ensure your efforts are protected is to monitor and control the quality of each home constructed in the development. For that reason Design Guidelines have been formed with the intention to encourage good use of suitable building materials and appropriate architecture for the rural environment.